February 16, 2010


Jack just learned how to properly make pizza at his new job. He was also allowed to bring some extra dough home to really show off to everyone. We made three pizzas and watched the Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver games.

Starting to work the dough.

Tossing #1

Tossing #2

MMM thin crust.

Here is the end result of #1. It is topped with my own red sauce, mozzarella and parm, green and yellow peppers, green chili, black olives, pinons, pineapple and sun dried tomatoes.

I failed to get pictures of the other two. One was just cheese and the other was artichoke, mushroom, and peppers. But they were all delicious and among the best pizza we've ever had. Can't wait to make more.


Jean said...

Yum! Jack is already tossing like a pro. Now I have to make pizza this weekend.

Helen said...

Pizza! WANT.